Sunday, October 1, 2017

Walk It Out, by Tricia Goyer {a book review}

About the book

What Happens When We Read God’s Word and Actually Do What it Says?

Bestselling Author Tricia Goyer demonstrates the powerful work God accomplishes if we are willing to step out in obedience to Biblical commands and His quiet urgings, no matter our fears or feelings of inadequacy.

Walk It Out illustrates the real-life results of listening to the Scriptural mandates such as care for the orphan, serve the poor, go into the world to spread the gospel, and love others of all races. The author’s journey, from accepting Christ’s forgiveness and telling her story of redemption to answering the call to adopt seven children when she least expected, is filled with the exhilarating, radical, unexpected life that we experience when we walk into God’s plans for us.

I neither planned or expected any of this—from the ten kids to the stamped-up passport. I didn’t accomplish these things by making a list and checking it off. They happened as I took steps of faith to follow God’s directives.” ~Tricia Goyer

Read the first chapter of Walk it Out HERE!

What I thought about the book

Tricia Goyer has long been one of my favorite authors. Any of her books I've read are always inspirational, well researched and written, and easy to read. She has a captivating, conversational style of writing, which is appealing to me.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the launch team for Tricia's newest book, Walk It Out, because I certainly desire a closer walk with God, and long to find and follow more closely His plan for my life.

The chapters are of a manageable length, making it easy to read a chapter a day over several days. At the end of each of the 11 chapters, there are four questions for Reflection, and three Action Steps.

On this journey, you will discover That Defining Moment; learn about Loving and Serving from a Healed Heart; Creating White Space, Crafting Purpose; realize you have A Story Worth Sharing; and more.

Walk It Out makes a great book to use in small group studies. I realize the intended audience is women, but I plan to have my 17 year old son read it anyway. Perhaps I'll share ideas from it with the teen Sabbath school class I help lead at our church. I certainly hope my 24 year old daughter will take time to read it, as well. 

About the author

Tricia Goyer is a prolific author of more than seventy books. She is a homeschooling mom of ten, grandmother of four, and wife to John. She is the founder of Hope Pregnancy Center in Kalispell, Montana and now leads a teen mom support group in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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***I received a free copy for providing my honest review.*** 

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