Friday, February 24, 2017

A Review of Our Week, February 24

This school year, the boys are taking photography classes through the Florida Virtual School; I think I've mentioned that before. The Creative Photography department has a Facebook page, and Instagram, on which they feature students' photos each week. This week, one of Botanist Boy's photos is among those featured! His photo, on Instagram and Facebook.

Incidentally, I am not sure if I mentioned yet that a few weeks ago, my parents helped Botanist Boy get some camera equipment, used but in excellent shape, and at a wonderful price. He's been so excited to use it! He has a zoom lens, macro lens, and a telephoto extension, as well as several filters. His macro lens and telephoto lens will actually fit my camera, too, if I have my zoom lens on, as will the filters. (His is a Nikon, mine is a Canon).

Little Bit finished up Segment 1 of his photography class, but we have chosen not to do Segment 2. Maybe he will later (next school year?). I am equally impressed with his talent.
Little Bit also finished up a couple books, one for history, the other for science. Sometimes I am thankful that my Kindle can read books to him. :)

It has been a somewhat rough week, emotional. A week ago, the man next door died suddenly, from a massive heart attack. They only recently moved in there, and we were enjoying getting acquainted with them. We attended the funeral, along with my parents, on Wednesday. I think there was only one other person at the funeral who was not family. But we didn't feel like "outsiders" at all, and I know our neighbor lady appreciated our being there immensely.

I am amazed at how much Little Bit has grown in the past couple months! Oy!
Which makes it official: I am the shortest of the family now!
And these two celebrated their first anniversary of dating exclusively.
I'll just end with one of the flower arrangements our lady next door received this week:

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