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Pocket Prayers, Max Lucado {book review}

About the book/s

Bestselling author Max Lucado has teamed up with six authors to write the Pocket Prayers series for those in need of peace, renewal, rest, faith, hope, joy, direction, serenity, and courage.

Short, simple prayers are very effective, which is why each book in the series contains forty guided prayers and complementary scriptures for any situation, including for:

—Moms (written with daughter Andrea Lucado)
—Grads (written with daughter Andrea Lucado)
—Dads (written with Mark Mynheir)
—Military Life (written with Mark Mynheir)
—Teachers (written with blogger Jennifer Hale)
—Friends (written with Betsy St. Amant)

What I thought about the book/s

These are lovely little (about 5" x 5") hardcover books, which make them the perfect size for passing them on to someone as a gift. Each book contains scriptures, quotes, and brief, but meaningful, prayers.

If I'd had them about 6-10 months ago, I would have sent the Military Life book to a young friend who is currently stationed overseas. He will be returning back to the states soon, though; we've already passed the cutoff day to send him anything. He, is wife and lovely little daughter are dear and precious to my heart. Since he was baptized with my oldest two, he has been like a son to me. I may give him the Dads one instead, because he might be home around Father's Day.

I just might give his sweet wife the Mothers one. That's hard to say, because I might want to keep that one for myself. Or I may keep the Teachers one for myself, since I am a homeschool teacher.

Or there is a couple at church who are teachers for the Florida Virtual School. I may give them the Teachers book tomorrow at church, since next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week.

There is another young man, from our church family, who may be deployed sometime in the not too distant future. I will probably send him the Military Life one, because he is currently stationed far from his family anyway.

A friend's daughter is graduating from homeschool high school next month. She was giving my Botanist Boy violin lessons awhile back; her sister was giving Little Bit piano lessons at the beginning of this school year. I think she will be the perfect person to receive the Graduates book, since we were looking for something special to give her anyway.

I considered giving the Friends book to the mother of my son's best bud. She happens to be my closest friend, as well. Then I read some of the prayers, etc., and decided it would be more appropriate to give to my daughter. Currently she seems to be struggling with relationships, maybe especially her relationship with God. I pray that this little book will help her as she renews her relationship with Him, and guides her in all of her relationships.

Who do you know who may benefit from one of these books? Be sure to check them out for yourself.

Key dates to keep in mind:
Mother's Day---May 8
Memorial Day---May 30
Father's Day---June 19
Teachers---first week of May is National Teacher Appreciation Week, first Tuesday (May 3) is NTA day
Graduation---month of May
Friends---June 8 is Best Friend Day - International Day of Friendship is July 30

About the author

More than 120 million readers have found inspiration and encouragement in the writings of Max Lucado. He lives with his wife, Denalyn, and their mischievous mutt, Andy, in San Antonio, Texas, where he serves the people of Oak Hills Church.

Learn more and purchase your own copy/copies.

Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity in order to give you my honest opinion.

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