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Brinkman Adventures {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

We enjoy audio dramas immensely in our home school. We were excited for our introduction to The Brinkman Adventures. We received the physical CDs of The Brinkman Adventures season 3 (episodes 25-36), which we're really enjoying, even though we haven't listened to the first two seasons.

We had never heard of The Brinkman Adventures before, but when we discovered that these stories are based on a real-life family, we looked forward to learning more. Many events that happen to the family in these stories actually occurred, but some dramatization takes place. The actors/actresses play themselves (names have been changed).

The missionary stories that take place in this series are based on the lives of real missionaries around the world. Season 3 shares stories about Steve Saint and his family, among others, and Steve Saint himself is featured. Each episode runs about 30 minutes, providing over 5 hours of listening enjoyment.

You will find the following stories in this album:
  1. God's Mule
  2. Mountain Mover
  3. The Silent Ambassador 
  4. Translating Trouble
  5. Man-Up
  6. Acorns & Oaks
  7. A Saint's Story, part 1
  8. A Saint's Story, part 2
  9. Untouched
  10. Busy Bees and a Bullhorn
  11. Missionary Tourist, part 1
  12. Missionary Tourist, part 2
If you'll go to the Brinkman Adventures website, you can listen to a complete episode, download printables, and read the stories behind the stories.

I found The Silent Ambassador to be a moving story, about a young girl who started a Shoebox club, for Operation Christmas Child. She was extremely shy, but God gave her the courage and strength to overcome her shyness. We also really enjoyed the stories about Steve Saint and his family.

The boys' favorite episode was Man-Up, which takes place in Alaska, and involves hiking through the snow across a glacier, falling through an ice bridge, wolves, and more. (I didn't care so much that it is insinuated that the wolves are chasing people, since typically wolves tend to shy away from people) I enjoy stories about Alaska, especially since I spent part of one summer there (twenty-five years ago) on a short-term mission trip with my parents.

We were most pleased to have the opportunity to listen to these CDs, and hear the missionary stories, because Botanist Boy is planning and preparing to be a missionary in the not-too-distant-future. He hopes to go to Africa, Latin America, Scotland or Alaska some day.

The boys have listened to the Brinkman Adventures while preparing lunch, cleaning up afterward, even while doing the sweeping and mopping. Or while sitting and playing a video game or chatting with friends or their cousin on Facebook. These will also be great to listen to on our long trips to and from my parents' place in Florida...if only the van had a CD player. (we play mp3 files on our trips)

If your family enjoys listening to audio dramas, you will definitely want to check these out!

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*A special note to my readers (especially my Seventh-day Adventist readers): If you believe what the Bible says in these verses: Psalm 6:5; Psalm 115:17; Ecclesiastes 9:5,6; Job7:9,10; Job 21:32; John 5:28,29; you may have problems with the opening scenes of disc two.*

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

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