Friday, November 6, 2015

A is for Awareness

Every year in November I try to write at least one post about diabetes awareness. While I am no longer involved in the day to day diabetes care with Jen, I am still very aware that it is a daily battle she fights.

Her battle is intensified, because she cannot afford the supplies she needs. The cost of insulin is outrageously astronomical. Even the cost of testing supplies can be daunting. Neither can she afford the cost of the doctor visits, even when she visits a clinic with a sliding scale fee. Her last A1C, a month or so ago, was the highest it has ever been in her life!

Changes need to be made. Insulin shouldn't cost so much; it's a life or death matter!

I also recently learned that at work, not all of the managers know enough to provide her with reasonable  accommodations for her diabetes care. They don't allow her to have her lunch break at a reasonable length of time after her breakfast or before her supper. I don't know whether they allow breaks for her to check her blood sugars, either...but she tends to keep her levels running on the high side, anyway.

Awareness needs to be raised, regarding diabetes, especially Type 1. The American Diabetes Association attempts to do that. Also
If you enjoy bicycling, maybe you'd consider joining a JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes, or the Tour de Cure by the American Diabetes Association. Or find a walk, with JDRF or ADA. Jen and I have joined the walk for the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi in the past. These past couple years, I've missed doing it with her.

Would you also please keep my precious girl in your prayers? And if you have a loved one with diabetes, please comment below, so I can pray for him/her. Praying for a cure. Looking forward to heaven, when there will be nor more diabetes, or any other illness.

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  1. I will be praying that changes happen. I'm saddened that something so necessary is not affordable to those in need.

  2. I always pray for a cure -- both for myself and for all the other adults and children I know facing these battles. It seems like more and more people are dealing with this. I can count a handful more children I know with type 1 diabetes this year than I could last year. :(

  3. A cure would be a wonderful thing. I know several children with T1 diabetes. It's amazing to see how well they handle it, but it's so hard on the parents, constantly fighting to keep their child alive.

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