Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Help! How Do I Teach High School Math?!

Anyone who's been following my blog over the years, knows that math is our greatest down fall around here. It's my weakest subject...which has caused it to be a weak subject for my kids. So, yeah, high school math kind of "freaks me out." If I could, I'd just hire a tutor for my high schoolers for their math!

Tim began his high school years while we still lived in Florida. We tried the Florida Virtual School for his Algebra 1 class, because I really needed someone else to teach him. It was too hard for him to keep up that pace, though. After that, we borrowed VideoText from a friend, which wasn't really a "good fit" for him, either.

I really don't remember what we tried after that, for him. We did use Stewardship Math from Math-U-See, also something we borrowed from a friend. Again, I was thankful for a program with video instruction. Tim also began his first job midway through his junior year of high school, which gave him hands-on experience in handling finances.

If you have a student who isn't much in to math, but enjoys reading (voraciously, like Jen and Botanist Boy), Life of Fred is a good choice. Well, at least it was for Jen. Botanist Boy ended up asking for Math-U-See, to have the video aspect. CTC Math is also a good program, for those of us who need to turn high school math instruction over to someone else.

Still, what I really wish is that I could find a live person to help my kids with their math.

How do you handle math instruction for your homeschooled high schooler?

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  1. Check your local community college! Sometimes students there are looking to make a few extra dollars as a tutor. Yep, math is one I fear as well. ;)

    1. Great idea, Michele...except there is no "local" community college...nor would I have even a few extra dollars to pay anyone. :)


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