Friday, September 25, 2015

USAopoly {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

We have been having some fun lately, playing a couple games from USAopoly.  They sent us Tapple-Fast Word Fun for Everyone and Wonky-The Crazy Cubes Card Game. Each one is challenging, in it's own way.

Tapple has a stack of cards, containing two topics on each side, and a "wheel" with letters, and a timer.
On the cards, one side is more challenging than the other. At the beginning of the game, all the players are to agree on which side of the cards will be used: the easy side, or the harder side. Here we chose the easy side (for Little Bit's sake).

I chose the topic Cars & Trucks, since I thought it'd be easy for the boys. It's funny, though, because I am the one who came up with more words than they did!
That red button in the middle starts the timer. The letters around the perimeter are pushed down, when you say an answer to the topic. Give your answer while pushing the letter down (answer must begin with that letter!), then push the button in the middle. The next person in line has 10 seconds to come up with his/her own answer, push the letter, and then the red button.
You keep going around, until someone doesn't give their answer fast enough to beat the timer. Then that person is out. We keep going until there is only one person left. That person wins that round, and gets to keep the card. Then he/she picks the next card from the deck, and chooses the topic, and we're off again in a mad rush to beat the timer!
I'll admit, it usually doesn't take long for Little Bit to be out. It's a challenge for him to come up with the words fast enough. Hey! It's a challenge for Botanist Boy and me to come up with the words fast enough, too! That 10 seconds goes by unbelievably fast! Ha!

We've tried to get hubby, and Tim, to play a few rounds with us. It hasn't happened yet. I look forward to taking it with us on our next visit to Florida, to see if we can get my folks, Jen, and even our friends to play a few rounds with us.
The other game we received is Wonky...and it lives up to it's name! The first time we pulled it out to play, we discovered that not all of the sides are flat! Some of them are slightly rounded.

There are three blocks each of three colors and three sizes. The cards give you the options of which sizes or colors to use in building the stack. There are also cards that can be played on other players: to draw two cards; change play directions; skip a turn.
The object is to build a stack, using all the blocks...without toppling the stack. After you place your block on the stack, you count to three. If the stack remains standing, the next player takes his/her turn.
You are allowed to use only one hand to place your block. Those rounded edges make stacking the blocks quite challenging. The first time we played Wonky, Botanist Boy wanted to take the blocks out to the shop, to smooth all the sides, to make each side flat! Ha!
One reason I am happy to have the game is to help Little Bit with his hand-eye coordination. But, hey! It didn't take us long to "master" this game. It is another one we look forward to sharing with our friends back in Florida.

To win this game, either be the first one to use all your cards...or successfully complete the tower with all nine blocks.
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  1. my son says GOOD JOB stacking all nine blocks! :)

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