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Dig-It! Games {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

My youngest would spend all day playing games on his iPad or the computer, if I let him. For this reason, we were excited to try out Dig-It! Games. We actually opted to review both Mayan Mysteries, on the computer, and Roman Town, on the iPad.

The makers of Dig-It! Games believe games can change how kids learn by independent learning, critical thinking and through cultural understanding. Their games contain content in social studies, math, science and language arts, and are directed at the middle school student. "At Dig-It! Games, fun and learning go hand in hand."

Mayan Mysteries is an online award-winning, puzzle-based adventure game about the ancient Maya civilization. When I was in high school (I attended a Seventh-day Adventist boarding school), each year a select group of students and staff went on a mission trip to Belize. I know one of the things they were able to do on their trip was to visit some Mayan ruins. Even though I never was able to go, I've been interested in the Maya civilization ever since. Because of this, I find Mayan Mysteries intriguing.
In Mayan Mysteries, your student will learn about looter who has been digging up Maya sites, and discover who the looter is, and what he is looking for. Your student must also help Team Q stop the looter from causing further damage, or stealing the artifacts.
Find out who and where Ladrone is.

During the course of the game, your student will discover several Mayan sites, uncover clues to learn who and where Ladrone is, and collect artifacts along the way, all while earning achievements.
We received the single user online version, so yeah, it is in my name, rather than Little Bit's. He's the one who's been playing it, though not as much as he's been playing Roman Town.

To play, log in, click on "game portal," then click "launch game," which brings the player to the screen below. Then your child will either start a new game, or resume the one he/she has been playing. 
Since Little Bit is a struggling reader, I am thankful that the story can used with a voice feature, so it reads the story to him. He declares Mayan Mysteries "fun."
We received the Roman Town app for the iPad. Because of that portability, Little Bit has been playing Roman Town nearly daily.
In Roman Town your student will explore Pompeii, and learn ancient Roman history, while playing games and solving puzzles. He'll also be gathering clues, and tracking down Ladrone.

Your child will even play some ancient Roman games, such as Calculi, which is a game where your child tries to get five in a row to win the game, and Knucklebones, where your child "rolls" the bones, which have Roman numerals on them, to make the proper combination. With this one, your student can either tap the "roll" button, or actually shake the iPad.

Little Bit enjoys playing Roman Town; I'm sure we'll continue it throughout the rest of the school year (I have it in his schedule at least one day a week now). He likes "digging up stuff" and playing the mini games, especially Code Breaker.
Back in February, 2011, we reviewed Roman Town, which at that time was available for PC as a CD ROM. It has been fun to compare and contrast the Roman Town app to what we had before.

Be sure to check out the rest of educational games by Dig-It! Games!

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