Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Our Learning Spaces {Back to Homeschool Blog Hop}

Hello. Thank you for joining us again today.

Today we'll take a little tour of our learning spaces. Like most homeschool families, I am sure, our homeschooling doesn't take place in only one area of the home. For us, it is all over the house, and even spills to the great outdoors.

Yes, we do actually have a "classroom." Or library, if you'd rather call it that. And believe me, it rarely looks this neat! In fact, I'd be most embarrassed to share a photo of how it looks today!
Obviously we do a lot of schoolwork in the living room. This is where we watch videos together, and Little Bit sits on the couch often, to use his iPad.
He also uses the coffee table frequently at which to do his schoolwork.
The boys watch videos on the iPad together sometimes.
Our kitchen is used often, for home ec. We also do a lot of food related activities with our studies, especially our Five in a Row/Beyond Five in a Row meals.
The dining room table actually gets used sometimes! Surprise! Because I know many homeschool families use their dining tables for a majority of their schoolwork.
I think my bed is used the most for our schoolwork. Little Bit does a majority of his lessons in my room, since he still requires a lot of my assistance.
Oh, and yes, my bedroom floor is used often (well, nearly daily), by Little Bit especially.
My computer is used occasionally throughout the week, as well, particularly when we have a review item for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.
Since Little Bit and I will be studying birds this year, another of our learning spaces is outside my bedroom window, at the bird feeders and bird bath. We've only put the bird bath out recently, and I haven't seen any birds using it yet.

Another outdoor learning space is my garden box. Earlier, Little Bit and I had a lot of fun photographing our plants.
Hubby and the boys use the workshop, and the area around the workshop, often as a learning area.
One of the beauties of homeschooling is that we can take it with us when we go visit my parents in Florida. One of Little Bit's favorite places to do school is at the large dining room window...because out back is a little frog pond. He loves watching the frogs!
The boys accomplish a lot at the dining room table there, too.

Where does learning take place in your home school? Please share.

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