Friday, July 24, 2015

July Blogging Challenge, Day 24

Today is Friday. In our home, in my parent's home while I was growing up, Friday has always been our Sabbath preparation day. It is the day we do our weekly housecleaning. So my children have learned, from the time they were little, how to do the household cleaning chores.

No, I haven't limited teaching housecleaning to just my daughter; each of my sons knows how to clean bathrooms, sweep and mop (well, my youngest isn't doing sweeping and mopping yet), vacuuming, dusting...laundry, dishes, and cooking. 

I enjoy having a clean house, but I will admit that my house isn't always neat and tidy. It definitely has a lived-in look!

So, moms of young children, start teaching your children to have little housecleaning chores now. Then when they are preteens and teens, they will know how to do the household chores. When they are young adults, and out on their own, they will know how to run their own households.

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  1. So true - the basics of cleaning and cooking need to be taught to boys and girls- too many people are getting to be adults without knowing these simple things. :)


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