Monday, June 22, 2015

SmartKidz Media {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Are your children audio/visual learners? I'll admit, mine are. We frequently use audio and visual resources in our home school. I was excited to have the chance to check out SmartKidz Media. We've been using the SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers the past few weeks.

Membership for this media library offers homeschoolers unlimited access to all of the titles in safe, controlled learning environment. The site provides a vast array of subjects. Most are delivered via video format, but there are also some in study guide format. There are even some interactive e-books.

Some of the subjects included are:

Animals & Wildlife Collections
Documentaries & Culture Collections
History Titles
Travel & Adventure: World Wide Discovery Collections
Lifestyles & Cuisine
Health & Fitness
Cooking Instruction
Classical Music Collections
Cultural Music Collections
Relaxation Music Collections
Mighty E-Book Collection
Sign Language Collection
Special Needs Learning
Living Skills
Fun Zone
When you first log in, you will come to a landing page like this, with the subject tabs across the top. Or you can scroll down through the videos. The number of choices is nearly overwhelming.
Little Bit has enjoyed scrolling through the animal videos, and watching them, usually on his iPad. There is just so much to choose from; I keep finding something new, every time I look around.
Notice, there are some fitness videos, even a couple for kids. I need to check out the one for back pain, but haven't done so yet.
This may come in handy for the boys for our physical education class this coming school year.
I especially enjoyed these Music and Fine Arts videos. They are slide shows of each of the artists, with music from the composer playing in the background.

Awhile back when we were doing a unit study on the westward expansion of the United States, I had the boys watch The Art of Remington video.
One of my favorite things in the Fun Zone is the puzzle collection. Some of the puzzles are artist's paintings, which I especially like. After all, I have a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts: Graphic Design. I really like art!
The puzzles offer a choice of 12 or 20 pieces, so young children could work on the puzzles, as well. I find it rather relaxing to sit and work on the puzzles, to be honest.
In the Cultural Music collections, there is one album of Music From Australia. Little Bit thought the didgeridoo sounded pretty cool. Australia is one place we'd love to visit some day.

Since Botanist Boy will be working on World History this coming school year, it will be fun to explore the history videos.

If you have children who might be sensitive to nature videos which show animals killing other animals, you will want to be aware of some of these videos. I noticed some are marked PG, so you will want to view them before your children do, to see if they are appropriate for your children.

Be sure to read the rest of the Crew reviews. Since there is such a such a wide variety of content on this site, I haven't been able to experience all of what's available. I am sure the other Crew members' experiences will be different from mine.

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