Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Planning for High School

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is planning. Yeah, maybe I'm nerdy that way. I like to plan and organize, and get things all laid out. Then life happens! The plans don't always go as I envisioned. Still, being prepared is always a good thing.

I have planned for high school twice, and we are well underway with our third high schooler. Frankly, it has been a different approach with each one. And I've learned more about planning each time.

My oldest took more of a vocational preparation approach, and even had a job the last year and a half of his high school years. He also expressed interest in auto mechanics, so hubby helped him learn some of the basics of auto repair and maintenance.

My daughter has always expressed a strong interest in animals and animal care. She also has a wonderful rapport with children. So while she was homeschooling high school, I made sure she had a quality microscope, and that she had proper tools and specimens for dissecting.

My current high schooler has long expressed the desire to become a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. A few weeks ago, he said he is interested in becoming a missionary.

In our planning, for all three of them, it was and is with the hopes that they would be able to attend our Seventh-day Adventist university in southeast Tennessee. So we have researched what the admission requirements are for that university, and planned our high school years with that goal in mind.
I have pulled out the high school planning sheet, and filled in the classes under each grade. On the University's website, they even provide a recommended sequence, so I have planned our courses with those suggestions in mind.
After I figure out what courses my high schooler will take, and decide which year each one will be covered, I then begin pulling together all the books and materials he will need for each subject. To be honest, I have boards on Pinterest for each school year. I've been pinning the resources onto them. For my current high schooler: Ninth grade; Tenth grade; Eleventh grade; Twelfth grade.

I will admit, I am much more intentional with my high school planning for my current high schooler, than I was with the older two. Too bad it has taken me this long to "get the hang of it!"

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