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JazzEdge Easy Piano Basics {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

My boys are interested in learning to play the piano. Botanist Boy is also interested in learning to play the violin, and has had a few lessons this school year. The past few weeks the boys have been using Easy Piano Basics from JazzEdge.

JazzEdge was founded by Willie Myette, graduate of Berklee College of Music, as a place for all of his jazz education and performance ventures in one location. You will find educational resources which include piano lessons in jazz, blues, and gospel, along with other styles, as well as lessons for homeschooling families.

Easy Piano Basics provides piano lessons for beginners, or for those who are coming back after a break (yeah, someone like me). They will help teach yourself how to play piano. There is a total of 32 lessons. Each video lesson is 10-11 minutes or less. There is sheet music to download, and print off.

You will not need any special equipment. You can download and watch the videos on your computer, phone or tablet. You don't even have to have a piano! Any keyboard is fine, for practice.

The lessons cover:
#1 - The Notes Of The Piano
In this lesson you're going to learn notes of the piano.

#2 - Low And High Notes
In this lesson you're going to learn low and high notes.

#3 - The Musical Alphabet
Learn how to find all of the notes on the piano using the musical alphabet.

#4 - Finger Numbers
Learn about finger numbers.

#5 - How To Sit At The Piano
Learn how to sit at the piano.

#6 - The Grab Technique
Learn the grab technique.

#7 - Five Finger Scale
Learn the five finger scale.

#8 - G Clef Guideposts
Learn the G clef guideposts.

#9 - Steps and Skips
Learn steps and skips.

#10 - Half and Whole Steps
Learn half and whole steps.

#11 - Higher and Lower on Staff
Learn higher and lower on the staff.

#12 - The F Clef
Learn the F clef.

#13 - The Grand Staff
Learn the grand staff.

#14 - Barlines and Measures
Learn barlines and measures.

#15 - Time Signatures
Learn time signatures.

#16 - Ties
Learn ties.

#17 - Slurs
Learn slurs.

#18 - The Pedals
Learn the pedals.

#19 - Repeats
Learn repeats.

#20 - Playing Hands Together
Learn playing hands together.

#21 - Sharps and Flats
Learn sharps and flats.

#22 - Natural Symbol
Learn the natural symbol.

#23 - Playing Hands Together Part 2
Learn more about playing hands together.

#24 - Reading Notes In Groups and Intervals
Learn about reading notes in groups and intervals.

#25 - Legato and Staccato
Learn about legato and staccato.

#26 - Major 5 Finger Scale
Learn about the major 5 finger scale.

#27 - Minor 5 Finger Scale
Learn about the minor 5 finger scale.

#28 - Chords - Major and Minor Triads
Learn about the major and minor triads.

#29 - Chord Symbols
Learn about chord symbols.

#30 - Key Signatures
Learn about key signatures.

#31 - Basic Rhythms
Learn about basic rhythms.

#32 - Outro

The first few lessons, the boys watched 2 or 3 a week; now I have the schedule set up so that they watch one lesson a week, and practice the techniques learned from the video, 3 or 4 days a week. I plan to go through the lessons myself, just to give myself a refresher course. This is also helping Botanist Boy with his violin.

Sign up today with this one-time fee, currently only $59.95 (normally $69.95).

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