Saturday, May 2, 2015

Random 5 on Friday, May 1

1. How did May arrive so quickly? The year is already 1/3 of the way through. Kind of unreal, isn't it? The low temperature yesterday morning was 49 degrees! Yes, April 30, in southwest Mississippi! Chilly! At least we haven't had to put in the window AC unit in my bedroom yet.

2. We have a pair of wrens that have built a nest in a bucket, right outside my bedroom window facing the back patio. This week, Little Bit and I discovered that the babies have hatched. We're enjoying peeking in occasionally. To make it more interesting, Little Bit and I have recently begun reading The Burgess Bird Book for Children, and using Learning About Birds with Thornton Burgess from Simply Charlotte Mason.

3. We had some pretty crazy weather Monday. It actually wasn't too bad here in our little town, but Baton Rouge (where hubby works) was hit pretty hard. In fact, there were five confirmed tornadoes in the area that day. I was relieved to hear that hubby was safe. :)

4. This week we received a new review item...well, a package of items. For the first time in our years on the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we get to review something from Institute for Excellence in Writing! I feel overwhelmed! LOL

5. I've finally "hooked" my youngest two boys on audio books. Yeah; I feel accomplished now. ;)
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