Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our Week, Illustrated, May 24-30 {with link up}

 Sorry I am late with this, this week. Spent time yesterday "living life." :) I see that the pictures I am sharing are all either phone photos or iPad photos, so the quality won't be stellar.
 The guys took down all of the corral fencing Sunday. It looks so much emptier out back without it...without livestock...
 They also put in the window AC unit in my bedroom. Keep this room a much more comfortable temperature now.
 Little Bit is learning cursive, using CursiveLogic (watch for a review the beginning of July).
 Lettuce is starting to come up. Also, cucumbers, dill, and carrots (last I checked)
 The kale likes it here better than in the large pot on the back patio.
 Little Bit had an orthodontist appointment this week. Botanist Boy was feeling pretty smug that he didn't have one, too! He could sit in the waiting area with me, and read, instead.
 I needed new kitchen towels and hotpads. I could not resist these!
Wednesday morning, I woke up, with my trusty old clock reading something like 1:45 am. Since I often wake that early, I didn't think too much of it, except that I felt like I had slept more than just 3-4 hours. I read from my Kindle for awhile, perhaps about an hour. When I glanced up, I was astonished to see that it was beginning to get light out! I looked at the time on my Kindle, at it said about 5:50 am!

I thought maybe the power had gone out in the night, so I went to look at the time on the microwave. It read the same time as my Kindle, plus the numbers were not flashing. I was rather bewildered. I reset my clock.

Later, after we got back from town and the orthodontist appointment, I noticed my clock had the above reading.
Awhile later, this is what it read. We changed the battery. It made no difference. The next morning, hubby took a look at it, and declared it dead. Well, considering I've had it about 21 years, I think, I guess it is time for a new one.
So, I told Little Bit, Have at it!
Botanist Boy helped loosen the screws
 Clock innards
Yesterday we went to Baton Rouge to see "San Andreas." It was epic! I was pretty much on the edge of my seat at times.
Driving in the rain to see the movie, not fun. I was thankful Tim was driving, instead of me.

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