Saturday, April 25, 2015

Random 5 on Friday, April 24

Hey, we're back with the Random 5 on Friday! Thanks, Miranda!

1. Wednesday, Tim (my oldest son) took the boys and me to Baton Rouge, to see a couple movies. He and Botanist Boy saw Furious 7, and Little Bit and I saw Monkey Kingdom. I'm glad he took us; I hate driving in Baton Rouge!

2. Monkey Kingdom is a shorter movie, so we spent some time at Barnes & Noble, and Fresh Market. Believe it or not, I left Barnes & Noble without buying anything! I know; shocker!! But Fresh Market was a different story; I bought some almonds, and nut butters.

3. Parenting young adult children is harder than parenting teenagers! (which are harder than four year olds, which are harder than two year olds... ;) ) It keeps one praying, constantly. Oy!

4. We've been having a rather wet, cool spring this year. I guess that's kind of a relief, since I'm not looking forward to heat and humidity. I still would like a raised garden bed or two, though.

5. I'm considering starting a new weekly link up here on the blog, starting maybe tomorrow, or a week from tomorrow. I hope you'll join in with it, as well as my Wordless Wednesday link up.

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  1. I really want to see Monkey Kingdom. I love different nut butters. I have some raised beds and can't wait to plant but it's been more chilly then normal and not much rain. Looking forward to see what the new weekly link up is.


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