Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our Christmas Day

Our Christmas day dawned crisp and frosty. Frost on the roof, and on the grass.
Our Prince Eeyore is waiting for his breakfast. Sorry, no special Christmas treat.
My, how our view has changed, since they tore out the trees and shrubbery!
Tim, reading his Christmas cards. Yeah, his mail is still coming here! At least it gives me a reason to have his stop by now and then!
Christmas dinner, simple as it is. Spinach lasagna (vegetarian). Tomato-less, cheeseless lasagna with deer burger in it. Mixed veggies. Cranberry sauce. Not even any dessert.

My brother and his family stopped for the night, on their way to Florida. They are taking Botanist Boy with them. Opening gifts, few that there were.
Little Bit is very pleased with his videos. I think the other two boys were equally pleased with theirs.
I hope your Christmas was blessed, and made extra special by spending it with loved ones. This one was hard for me: my first without my beautiful girl. It really hasn't seemed like Christmas at all. Missed spending time with my folks, as well, but am thankful to have a few hours with my brother and his family at least.

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