Sunday, September 7, 2014

Family Reunion

Last month we had a family reunion, to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. My younger brother lined up a vacation house for us all to gather at, in Texas.

Reading her birthday cards
Birthday dinner for the herbivores
(we all signed our names/initials on the top)
Presenting the birthday cake
The whole clan
The five of us
Older brother's family
Older brother's family too
My family
Younger brother's family
("when are we ever going to finish with this picture-taking business?")
The grandkids
...and the great grandkid/s
Grandkid antics
 Older brother's kids, grandkid/s
Due in October (it's a boy!)
The great granddaughter
On the porch swing with her grandpa
Kitchen cleanup
Grandma still has a pretty "mean" serve!
Playing pool
and more pool
still more pool
The following day, my parents celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary.

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