Friday, August 8, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, August 8

1. I've read a couple excellent books the past few weeks. I hope you'll read my reviews: A Christiansen Family Novel--When I Fall in Love and The Butterfly and the Violin. Both had powerful messages. They each spoke to me in a different way.

2. We have 9 or 10 hens. Some of those "chooks" must be on vacation, because we're getting only 3 or 4 eggs a day. We know Rhodie has laid only 1 or 2 eggs the past two weeks, because she's in a pen all alone, poor girl. We'd like to narrow our hen count to maybe 4, two for each of the chicken pens.

3. Summer heat has set in. It feels like an oven! Hubby says over the next few days we are to have heat index temps up around 112. Oh, yay! Ha!

4. UPS got on my "black list" yesterday. I was expecting an Amazon package (fun school items). Tracking said it was to arrive yesterday. We didn't leave the house, to make sure we'd be here when it came (since the last couple packages, I wasn't home...but they were left at the door anyway!). Finally, at about 5:35, pm, tracking indicated that, at 5:20, the receiver wasn't available to receive the package, so they couldn't leave it. What?! Yeah, I complained to UPS. They said it'd be delivered today.

So, we spent all day again today, waiting for UPS to come. We waited and waited! Finally, about 3:15, I called the UPS in Natchez, asking about my package. While I was still talking to the lady, here came our UPS guy. It was our usual UPS guy. I said, "Where were you yesterday?" He said the package wasn't even on his truck yesterday; he had know idea where it was. He was apologetic, but it really sounds like it wasn't his fault! Frankly, I was thinking yesterday that "our" guy must have been on vacation, and it was a substitute, because "our" guy honks his horn, and comes to the door...if someone doesn't dash to his truck first!

5. Now we are listening to the Little House in the Big Woods audiobook, while Little Bit plays with the Appletters.

 And I'm enjoying my new phone cover.

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  1. Summer seems to have taken a break in my neck of the woods. Temps have been usually low for this time of the year. I can't complain much though, I think it has been rather nice.


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