Saturday, June 21, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, June 20

1.Today's weather was much more pleasant than a week ago. The heat and humidity are really starting to set in, though.

2. The Botanist Boy got to spend most of the day Wednesday hanging out with Tim at Tim's house. I think they both enjoyed the time spent together.

3. Hubby was able to get our Glorystar satellite functioning! We don't have most of our local networks anymore, though. Ah, well; I'd rather have 3ABN, HopeTV, and Amazing Facts TV, anyway!

4. Maranatha Volunteers International volunteers are helping to build a new church school at our church. We were able to see some of their work this week. My parents have assisted with a few Maranatha projects in the past.

5. We enjoyed half-price milkshakes at Sonic yesterday! Yum!

100 Happy Days

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