Friday, June 13, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, June 13

1. Last Sunday we took a family excursion to Natchez, to the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians. We had brunch, then went to the Indian mounds, the Visitor Center on the River, and also took in the Emerald Mound. It was a pleasant day, even if a tad warm.

2. The boys and I went to the Camp Van Dorn World War II museum right here in town for the first time. I found it pretty fascinating, and I am sure we will be making more trips there.

3. Another first this week: The boys and I went on our first geocaching expedition, also right here in town. I think we'll need to do more of this; I think it'll be fun!

4. We received in the mail some fun, exciting new history resources this week, from Diana Waring. (Watch for a review soon! :D )

5. This morning began in a rather exciting way. Storms. Big ones. Lots of thunder, lightning, rain and wind. Hubby was watching the radar, and it seemed like conditions were ripe for tornadoes. We did spend some time in the hallway. Power went out. We heard a loud pop once. Quite possibly lightning struck our TV antenna/Glorystar satellite dish. There are a couple trees down in our neighborhood, including one at the edge of our property which fell across our neighbor's driveway. Several hours later, power was restored. Yay!

100 Happy Days

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  1. We had storms here too, but thankfully no lightning strikes close by, and we didn't lose power. Glad everyone is okay! Love your pictures - the swing looks like a lovely peaceful spot.


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