Friday, May 30, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, May 30

1. The boys had orthodontist appointments this week. The orthodontist wasn't pleased to see Little Bit hadn't had his oral surgery done yet (he has to have a bunch of baby teeth pulled; some of them are fusing to the bone). Um, the dentist never called me to set up the appointment. No, I was supposed to call the dentist's office to make the appointment. Oops! (No one told me that!)

Appointment now set in June.

2. Hubby had to go to New Orleans yesterday, work-related trip. I suppose the boys and I could've gone, to go to the zoo while hubby was in his meeting, but I really don't have much desire to go to New Orleans! (Except, it might be interesting to go to the World War II museum)

3. In case you didn't know, hurricane season officially begins Sunday (yes, the day after tomorrow).

4. Jen has completed her first week of work! I know she's looking forward to beginning to receive pay checks! ;)

5. Our internet was down nearly all day today. Ugh! It wasn't just down at our house, though. I know that at least the grocery store was down as well. I actually had to write a check (rather than use my debit card) to pay for the groceries! ;)

100 Happy Days
 Sabbath afternoon reading
 Pizza buns
 Learning food prep
 Waiting for big brother at the orthodontist
 Daisy soaking up attention

Internet is back up!

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