Saturday, May 24, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, May 23

1. Finished up (mostly), cleaning up and rearranging my bedroom this week. Unpacked my fabrics and patterns, and rediscovered several unfinished sewing projects! I'd like to get some baskets for the shelves, in which to put my fabrics and patterns, etc.
2. I am thankful Miranda has allowed me the privilege, and honor, of hosting the Beauty Captured for the remainder of the 365 days. I hope it will give her the recuperation time she needs, for her leg to completely heal.  I'm learning how to post link ups on my blog!

3. The cicadas are out in force this year. We hear a constant roaring from them during the day. I hope you'll go back through my Beauty Captured photos this week, as I've included a couple photos of them.

4. Jen did have her orientation today! She begins her job Monday! I am excited for her, and praising God for blessing her with a job.

5. I really miss having Jen here! (DUH!) I miss her even more, when I need errands run. It means *I* have to do them all now! LOL

100 Happy Days

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