Friday, May 16, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, May 16

1. The low temperature yesterday, here at Rossmont, was 47! Yesterday's low in Baton Rouge broke a 97 year old record! Wow!

2. This week was more house rearranging, which included beginning on my bedroom. I also unpacked the rest of the pretty stoneware (the plates had been unpacked years ago), as well as the china. Yes, that meant rearranging cupboards!

3. Finished a book this week called, Daisies Are Forever (watch for review coming soon).

4. Little Bit did a fairly lengthy, multi-digit addition problem, in his head, the other day. I was impressed! I had to write it out, to check his work. Yeah, I can't do math problems in my head...I have to see them!

5. Jen texted me that she was supposed to have a job orientation today, but it was postponed to next Friday. Praying it won't be postponed again! She needs to get started on a job!!

100 Happy Days
Rediscovering toys
Mother's Day breakfast
Mother's Day carnation, brought to me by Tim
Rearranging the bedroom
Reassembling my sewing/craft center
My pretty stoneware
Botanist Boy's cactus is blooming

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  1. I hope the job works out as well. So she can't start until she gets her training eh? You think that the job would make that a priority. Ah well.. it will come when it does I suppose. Until then.. you have help with your rearranging. :)

    annette @ a net in time (

    1. Actually, Annette, Jen is in Florida, and I am in Mississippi; she isn't here to help with the rearranging. :'(

  2. I had to laugh at the having to see math problems, Yep! I can relate. I'm the same way.


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