Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Hello; welcome to my little corner in the blogging world! I'm pleased to have you visit.

First of all, let me introduce myself, and my family. I'm Wendy, married to a hardworking broadcast engineer who works at a TV station. I'm hesitant to admit, but he is my third husband; and we've only been married a little over five years. (So, yes, life has been a bit rough for the children and me). You can read more about me on my "about me" page.

I'm a homeschooling mom of four. My oldest two, who are 22 and 20, are graduates of our home school, and still living at home (for now). Tim has a full time job, which he's had over five years now, and is taking college classes online. Jen is kind of in a "holding pattern" at the moment, and helps out around the house with housework, meal prep, and sometimes even with schoolwork with her younger brother. She also battles with her Type 1 Diabetes every day.

My younger two are 14 and 11, and are still homeschooling. "Botanist Boy" is finishing up eighth grade, and will be launching in to high school. Yikes! He's a real go-getter, and already knows what he plans to be when he grows up: a pastor! Then there's "Little Bit," the "joy of my old age," (my after-forty baby). He has developmental delays/learning delays, and speech impairment. And he has a smile that'll warm any heart!

In case you can't tell, I love talking/blogging about my children! I love to photograph my children, too, as well as the animals on our small hobby farm (which is slowly being diminished), and flowers, and birds, and sky, and anything else I find interesting or beautiful.
I enjoy hanging out online, when I'm not working on schoolwork with the boys, or preparing vegetarian meals in the kitchen, etc. I also enjoy reading, and writing; sewing, scrapbooking, and rubberstamping/cardmaking (if I ever have time and work space!).

My blog is just me, sharing life, some of my passions (mainly photography), our homeschooling adventures, and our hobby farm adventures. Expect to find oodles of photographs, a scattering of recipes, occasional product/book reviews, diabetes, and did I say photographs?

Again, thank you for visiting; I hope you'll come back often!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014


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