Sunday, March 9, 2014

Apps for School (iPad and Kindle Fire)

If you remember, Little Bit received an iPad mini for Christmas (after I'd saved for months, as well as with the help of my parents, my brother, and Tim). My main purpose in having one for him was to use for school. So I went searching for some good educational apps for him. Here are a few we've found.

iPad apps

3D Math Racing A Fast, Free Math Facts Game (Little Bit's absolute favorite)
Math Racing Turbo (Free)
Math Racing Turbo Pro (99 cents)
MathPrix (Free)
Drill Math Word Problems (Free)
Pizza Fractions 1 (Free)
Geoboard (Free)
Pocket Tangrams (Free)

Language Arts
Spelling Bug (Free)
Word Wall (Free)
Word Challenge (Free)
Ruzzle (Free)
You might be interested in the apps at Reading Eggs
We also like the app from

Star Chart (Free)
Earthlapse (Free)
Peterson Backyard Birds Field Guide to Birds of North America (Free)
Monster Physics (99 cents) (I don't actually have this one yet, but it looks intriguing)
Rocket Science 101 (Free)

Timeline U.S. History (Free)
American History Interactive Timeline (Free)

Earth Challenge (Free)
Stack the States Lite (Free)
Stack the Countries Lite (Free)

Fine Arts
Timeline Art Museum (Free)
Composer of the Day (Free)

Because of Little Bit's special needs, I have also picked up a few (mostly free) apps from Super Duper.

My friend, Dawn, has a list of a few more apps over at Guiding Light Homeschool.

Botanist Boy has a Kindle Fire, so I've tried finding a few for him, as well. Finding middle school/high school level apps has been more challenging.

Kindle Fire Apps

General Education
Viewer for Khan Academy (Kindle Fire HD only, Free)
iTooch Middle School (Free)

Fraction Calculator Plus Free 
Fraction Calculator Plus (99 cents)
Learn Algebra (Free)
Learn Algebra 2 (Free)

Language Arts
Ruzzle (Free)
Word Wall (Free)

Audubon Field Guides (Not Free; $4.99 each: Birds, Wildflowers, Trees, Mammals, Mushrooms; the Butterfly guide is free)
iBird Pro 2 (Not Free; $4.99)
Speed Anatomy (Free)
Sci Quiz TEKS 6 (Free)

Lords & Knights--Medieval Strategy (Free)
Timeline Trivia Free

Stack the States (99 cents)
Stack the Countries ($1.99)

Fine Arts
DailyArt (Free) a new discovery for us
Art Jigsaw Puzzles (Free)
Famous Artists and Their Paintings (99 cents)
Free Classical Radio (another new discovery)

Test Prep
ACT Test (Free)
GED Test (Free)
You can search for SAT test prep apps, too.

I hope you find the lists useful!

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