Friday, January 17, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, January 17

1. Tim (my firstborn) had Tuesday off! I think it was his first day off since Christmas. He was able to have the gold/tan van fixed (the one Jen drives).

2. Jen had an orthodontist appointment, a 50-60 minute drive away. Since the van was finished in time, she drove it...her first solo drive of that distance. She took the Botanist Boy with her, to keep her company. Tim went off in another direction, with a friend of his from work. So, Little Bit and I spent part of the day, hanging out together at home, with Mom trying really hard not to succumb to panic attacks! ;-)

3. I think I am currently suffering a candida (systemic yeast) overgrowth. It feels like my body is betraying me! My mouth has been most affected. OUCH!

4. The past few days I have been trying to eat as little sugar as possible, even low carb as much as I can, and trying to stick to mostly veggies and vegan protein sources. (And my mouth is feeling much better now!)

My breakfast yesterday: carrot sticks, avocado, and hummus. Yummy.

5. I gave the boys reading assessments today. I wasn't too surprised by either of their results, although Little Bit is lagging by a little more than I'd hoped. And Botanist Boy is above level by about a year or so. :) It pays that he is such a voracious reader now!

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  1. Hi there, just stopping by from the Random 5 on Friday.
    Your breakfast meal looks fabulous, so glad to hear you are feeling better with your diet change. I have got to get the wheat back out of my diet. i was doing so well in November, but I completely gave in around Christmas and haven't gotten back on track yet. Scary thing is, I can definitely feel the difference. It is amazing how much an unhealthy diet can affect how I feel. I'm sure you understand what I mean.

  2. Hope you continue to feel better as you cut the sugar in your diet. It can be challenging at times.


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