Friday, December 27, 2013

Random 5 on Friday, December 27

1. Our Christmas was pretty quiet, laid-back, lazy. No get-together with family or friends. At least we didn't have a tornado this year! Thankful we didn't have a repeat of last year!

2. Gifts were a little sparse, but I think the kids were happy with what they received. Little Bit was thrilled to get a new iPad Mini! Tim gave Botanist Boy a training bow; I think he was nearly as thrilled as Little Bit. (chuckle)

3. Every year, I enjoy watching the Whooping Crane migration, led by Operation Migration. Each year a new flock, or "class," of chicks are led by ultra lights from Wisconsin to Florida. The past few years, one of the pilots is able to have a camera attached to his trike, so we can "follow along" on USteam! Right now they are in Alabama, with about 4 more "legs" until their final destination.--When I "retire" from homeschooling, maybe I'll join the OM team! Ha!

4. One of my dreams is to obtain my pilot's license. I'm pretty sure it will remain just that: a dream.

5. Today is my grand niece's birthday. The little sweetheart is two!

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  1. I have never even been in a plane! I think I like being on the ground better. :)


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