Sunday, October 20, 2013

God's World News {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

The past few weeks, the Botanist Boy has been exploring Top Story from God's World News. We're both happy that he gets a full year subscription.
The purpose of God's World News is to provide news and interesting information for children, in a vibrant, appropriate and biblical manner. This gives them the understanding that God holds the whole world in His hands. There are several levels from which to choose, from PreK through high school.

Top News is designed for middle school age children, and provides the opportunity to teach a biblical world view, emphasizing News, Knowledge and Wisdom, while focusing on specific skill development.

The editorials help teach critical thinking skills. Lessons use news stories to teach concepts in Civics, Geography, Economics, Worldview, plus more. There are quizzes, which teach reading comprehension. The September issue contains a map, so your students can locate where the stories take place in the magazine.

Your student will also have access to more articles, resources, and activities online, such as culture, arts, science and technology, and fun stuff. Your student will find biographies and featured articles with further explanation.
The boys and I just got home a couple days ago from spending a week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with my folks and my younger brother and his family. Botanist Boy had several hours of reading time while we were on the road. I was pleased to see that he actually did pull out his copies of Top Story to read while we traveled. He admits to finding the articles interesting; it's good to know they capture his attention!

One of Botanist Boy's favorite articles was from the August issue, called "Lift," which is about people who wanted to fly, and the principle of lift. The article discusses Sir George Cayley, who experimented with aerodynamics, which earned him the nickname "father of aerodynamics." He also explored thrust, drag, and weight in flight. Also discussed are Horatio Frederick Phillips, and, of course, the Wright brothers.

His favorite portion of the article is the "News Think" section, which talks about how people often scorn those who experiment with things that seem to contradict their instincts of how things should work. But the Bible invites us to "subdue and replenish the Earth." You can't subdue what you don't understand, though. God has created "all things richly to enjoy." I think he just really liked having that biblical connection included in the article.

God's World Publications has also generously provided us with subscription to WORLD magazine, the adult news version! Hubby, the young adult children and I appreciate the opportunity to peruse these articles, which provide the biblical world view on the current events of the world.

Another resource from God's World Publications is Write With WORLD, a middle school writing curriculum. If you've been following my blog awhile, perhaps you remember that we reviewed this writing curriculum about a year and a half ago.

Cost: Full year subscription (includes 10 issues; none are delivered for December or May) costs $28.00. School year subscription (includes 7 issues, delivered September through April, none for December) costs $21.00.

Contact Information:
God's World News
P.O. Box 20001
Asheville, NC 28802-8201
Phone:  800-951-KIDS (5437)
International Phone: 828-253-8063
Facebook (WORLD Magazine)
Twitter (WORLD News Group)


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