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Time4Learning {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

One thing I have learned over the past few years while being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew is that my youngest really enjoys computer schoolwork. He is especially enthusiastic about it if it’s something he can work on independently (without someone having to read everything to him).

The past few weeks we’ve been using Time4Learning as part of his weekly school schedule, three or four days a week. Since we’ve reviewed it in the past, I was looking forward to seeing what changes have been made since then.

Time4Learning is an automated online learning program, which integrates education with fun. Students from preschool through twelfth grade can use it, for summer school, after school, or in home school as either core curriculum, or as a supplement to their other curriculum.

One thing I like about Time4Learning is that when you set up an account for your child, he or she will have access to the grade level you sign up with, as well as one level above and one level below.  As home school parents and teachers, we know that children are rarely working in the same grade level in all their subjects!

Logging in is simple. After your student is signed in, he is taken to the welcome screen, where he can choose which subject to work in.

Little Bit is in fourth grade this year (for record keeping purposes), but due to his developmental/learning delays, he doesn’t work at grade level, especially in math and language arts. He still needs someone to read most everything to him.

When we signed up in Time4Learning, I chose third grade for his level. He has typically been working on only one subject per day. At first, we tried having him do a lesson from each subject, but it was a bit overwhelming for him, so one subject a day works better for him.

Working on Language Arts offered him the most independence, because the program orally read most of the information for him, so I didn’t have to sit with him while he worked on it.

He's been working mostly in vocabulary and comprehension. Reading comprehension is still a very big challenge for him, which ties in to his disabilities, I believe. He enjoys the animations of this portion of Time4Learning; they are quite captivating.
Math is, admittedly, his favorite subject, but he really prefers hands-on, manipulative for this. At first, even I was having a bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to manipulate the math portion, but I think we have it now. I do need to read a portion of the activities aloud to him, but some of it he can figure out on his own.

Some of the topics in math that are covered: number theory, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, money, time, fractions and decimals. They seem pretty aligned to the core math we are using.
The science portion, as well as the social studies portion, I have to read everything to him. The quizzes and tests we do orally, as well, and I fill in the answers he gives to me.

The quizzes are great, both in science and social studies, because each problem offers immediate feedback when your student answers. If he gives the incorrect answer, he is able to try again, right away.

The tests show you the results after the whole test has been completed, so again your student receives prompt feedback.
In both science and social studies, suggested activities are provided, to enhance your child's lessons. For example, when learning about the Viking longships, it was suggested to take a string, and measure out the length of the ship, and even compare it to the length of your house.
This chart shows you an idea of how many activities are offered in each subject for each grade.

One feature I am still learning how to maneuver is the activity scheduler. So far, we have just been working on the topics in order as they appear on the subject entry screen. I think I'm going to switch things around so his social study subjects will be matching what we are covering in our core social studies curriculum, as reinforcement.
Here is a sample of the detailed lesson plans. It's great for those who need to see what is being, or has been, covered. Great for building the portfolio, for those of you who live in states which require portfolios.

Another feature I like is, when your child has completed a topic, including quizzes and test, that topic is marked as "completed" on the welcome screen.

Little Bit's favorite feature is the fact that after spending a certain amount of time doing lessons, he is able to go to the "playground" and have some play time there. So Time4Learning has it's own reward system built in!

To learn more, you can watch this video demo, as well as read the reviews of my Crew mates.

PreK - 8th Grade
$19.95 / student per month
$14.95 / month for each additional PreK - 8th student

High School
$30 / student per month
(Includes 4 Courses)

Contact Information:
6300 NE 1 Ave, Suite 203
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334
Phone: 888-771-0914



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