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Doorposts {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Doorposts has been a part of our home, and homeschool journey, from near the beginning of this journey. They provide Bible-based parenting and character training materials, many of which we own, and I've long attempted to use in our home. They offer products for husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, boys, girls, and for family worship time.

When I saw one of their new Bible studies was available for review, I was very excited. Because You Are Strong A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men, written by Daniel Forster, is specifically designed for young men ages 12 and up, although if you have a mature 10 or 11 year old, he may benefit as well. It is available in print form, or as an ebook PDF, which is what we received.
The very cover seems to remind us that life is a battle; our strength comes from God alone; that we must put on the armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

This study has a two-fold purpose: to learn what Godly strength is, and how we can have that strength in our lives; and to learn how to study the Bible.

Your sons will learn Bible study skills, such as:
  • Use a concordance.
  • Study the original Greek & Hebrew words used in a passage.
  • Perform a character study.
  • Study a specific topic in the Bible.
  • Understand and use marginal notes in their Bibles.
  • Study a verse, passage, chapter, or entire book of the Bible.
  • Use free Bible study tools on the computer and mobile devices.
In these studies your son will focus on various heroes of strength from the Bible, such as David and Samson and the mighty men of valor, as well as wisdom from the Proverbs, God's power, and Jesus' example of service to others.

He will do this through topical studies, word studies, verse studies, book studies, and by studying Bible characters. He will also learn how to meditate on God's Word. View some sample pages and Table of Contents.
One reason I was interested in checking out this Bible study is because I have 3 boys. My original intention was to work on this with Botanist Boy and Little Bit together, so I printed off copies for each of them. I soon found it was still too much for Little Bit to take on, even with assistance. So, I turned his copy over to Tim to work through. I had also hoped my husband would be able to work through it with the boys, but his schedule really doesn't permit that.

There is plenty of space, for writing out answers, observations, Bible verses when instructed. This was a bit overwhelming for Botanist Boy, but I think he'll do alright with time. Each of the ten studies is broken down in to daily exercises. There is a total of 74 daily assignments, with another 40 or so additional suggestions.
The margins of the pages contain gray boxes with instructions for using various study tools, such as the concordance, Bible dictionary, online maps, and digital Bible study tools.
Those gray boxes also contain step by step instructions of how to do the various types of study, such as Character Study.
True, this study is particularly for boys, but there are also alternative questions for girls! So you could study this as a family! Much of what the Bible says about strength can apply to women as well as men. Also, young ladies can encourage young men toward true biblical strength. They need wisdom in discerning the difference between true and false strength in their relationships, especially as they prepare for marriage.

My heart's desire is for my young men to exhibit true, Godly strength: strength of character, strength of faith, strength of heart. I desire for them to be able to become Christian leaders, in church, in the communities in which they will live, and most importantly in their own homes--should God bless them with such.

I desire each of my children to learn these necessary Bible study skills, which our vital to our spiritual well-being. It is important to study God's Word, not just quickly, almost mindlessly, skim through it.

Just yesterday, during my private devotional time, this passage (from one of my favorite authors) was brought to my attention once again:
But there is but little benefit derived from a hasty reading of the Scriptures. One may read the whole Bible through and yet fail to see its beauty or comprehend its deep and hidden meaning. One passage studied until its significance is clear to the mind and its relation to the plan of salvation is evident, is of more value than the perusal of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained. Keep your Bible with you. As you have opportunity, read it; fix the texts in your memory. Even while you are walking the streets you may read a passage and meditate upon it, thus fixing it in the mind. ~Steps to Christ, by E.G. White.
This is one of the things I have always appreciated so much about all of the products I've purchased from Doorposts: The importance of Bible study and Scripture memorization, and learning how to apply it to our lives today.

You will want to check out the rest of their products, if you don't already know about them. I have to tell you, some of the Crew reviewed a wonderful-sounding study, designed for girls (which also has alternative questions for boys!), called Beauty in the Heart A Study of Godly Beauty for Young Women. Right now, you can pre-order the print version, for $14.00, and receive a Special bonus: use the coupon "beautystudy" in your shopping cart to get a free instant-download PDF copy of the Bible study when you pre-order the paperback (Print books will ship by 8/29. Special ends 8/31). I think I am going to go order one for Jen, and I can print off a copy for myself, too!

Cost: The cost of a print copy of Because You Are Strong is normally $14.00, but is currently on sale for $12.00. The eBook (PDF) version costs $10.00

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Gaston, OR 97119
Phone: 888-433-4749


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