Friday, August 2, 2013

BrainFood Learning {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, I'm sure you've seen me mention--more than once--that we enjoy bird watching around here. Or, at least that the children and I do. One of my favorite times of the year is hummingbird migration, when we have swarms of the tiny birds around our feeders.

We also enjoy using videos in our schooling, a lot of videos! When the opportunity came up to review The Fascinating World of Birds from BrainFood Learning, I jumped at the chance.
BrainFood Learning was started by Bryce and Jennifer Mooney because they were looking for "stimulating and interesting content that educates as well as entertains" for their young children. They want to capture the attention while teaching a wide range of words and concepts. In their "The Fascinating World of..." videos, the animals are shown in their natural habitats.

These videos will benefit children of all ages, from as young as two even up through thirteen. All of my offspring, from the eleven year old up through the twenty-two year old, enjoyed this video. Hey! I enjoyed it, too!

The video is divided into two sections: Birds, and Review. In the menu, you can choose to watch one of the two sections, or select "play all."

This is a well-done video: quality pictures, and pleasant narration throughout. Mrs. Mooney narrates, sharing information about birds in general, and each type of bird in particular. Throughout the video, a young boy shares definitions of various words, as well.

In this video, we learn about ostriches, penguins, geese (specifically the Canada Goose), eagles, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, macaws, pelicans, robins, and owls.

Do you know how large an ostrich's brain is? Do you know what bird's call is as loud as a chainsaw? Do you know what bird's heart rate can slow down when it is resting? These are some of the things you will learn in this video.

At the end of the video, the review section is divided in to 4 types of review:

Review Your Birds, which is like showing you flashcards of each bird, and allows time to name the bird before the answer is given.

Features of a Bird, which discusses the various features such as wings, feathers, and that they are warm-blooded animals.

Review of Bird Facts is a multiple choice quiz, recalling facts such as which bird has the loud call, or why ostriches eat rocks.

Review the Big Words is a multiple choice quiz, which covers the meanings of gizzard, buoyancy, down feathers, raptors, metabolism, zygodactyl, plumage, preening, brood, depth perception, ornithology and ornithologist.

This video will enhance any study you may be doing on birds. You'll also find a Birds Lesson Plan on the website!

Below is a brief overview:

Cost: Each video can be purchased for the price of $14.99. I am pretty sure I'll be "needing" to purchase the other two DVDs: Insects, and Mammals. Crew members also reviewed each of them, so be sure to read their reviews, too.

Contact Information:
BrainFood Learning
P.O. Box 40313
Bellevue WA 98015



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