Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 Days of a Vocational Homeschool--Day 4

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Another vocational skill my boys have been learning is construction. (This post will be largely photos)

When we first moved in here, there was a cement slab behind the house, a good foundation for building a workshop or storage shed. Gradually, hubby would purchase building materials, and he and the children would work on building it during the weekends.

It was begun in January, 2010, and completed, basically, in April, 2011.

Botanist Boy even learned how to wire it
As you can see, hubby had them all out there helping him, hammering, raising the walls, etc.

Think of all the skills one learns, while constructing: measuring, fractions, figuring, even geometry, along with working together, and following instructions. Of course there are the obvious skills as well: hammering, cutting the lumber, etc.

They also learned they needed to put on a sealant first, then primer, then the paint.

A more recent construction project was closing in the front porch.

While it doesn't really take the place of a greenhouse, at least it offers some protection for Botanist Boy's plants during the cold winter month/s. ;-)

Have you worked on any construction projects with your kids/students? I'd like to hear about them!

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