Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Days of a Vocational Homeschool--Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Blog Hop! Thank you for coming back!
Do your boys know how to check the fluids in your car? Or change a flat tire? How about your girls? These are some of the skills we are trying to teach our kids.

Tim changed his first flat tire, alone, when he was 14. Jen and I changed one together, when she was probably 13 or 14.
Changing his first flat tire
We were on our way home from a field trip to St. Augustine.

With assistance from a friend of ours back in Florida, Tim has done several repairs on our vehicle. And of course, he can change the oil and filters, and put on new brake pads. Botanist Boy is learning some of these things now, too.

Recently, Tim needed to put on a new light on his car, with assistance from hubby. Tim has enjoyed learning auto repair so much, he is currently taking an online auto mechanics course! I hope it will give him a good start in auto mechanics. Do think he'll give family a discount? ;-)

Detailing cars, trucks, RVs (!), is another useful skill. While we were living with my folks, in Florida, our "bedroom" was a small RV (we spent most of our daylight hours in the house, with Mom and Dad, and of course ate our meals there).

My dad instructed Tim to scrub the outside of the RV one time, so he set to work. The younger boys were instructed to stay away while he worked, because of the toxic chemicals.

 So they decided to "scrub" tree trunks instead...with just plain water!

Yeah, now they've moved on to washing the van or car for us!

Hubby has also instructed the children in exterior painting. A couple years or so ago, they worked together to paint the exterior parts that aren't brick. Even his daughter was here during that job.

They even repainted the garden swing!

I love my garden swing! Nowadays it's real haven for the birds, since we have feeders hanging from the roof on either side.

With what exterior painting jobs have your children assisted? Be sure to keep track of time spent, for your high schooler, so it can be noted on his/her transcript.

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