Friday, July 12, 2013

Thursday Randomness

I fully expected to post today that Jen finally was able to take her driving test, and receive her driver's license. Alas, it was not to be.

Now, before you jump to the conclusion that she failed her test, well, she didn't even get to take it! Even though it was the second Thursday of the month (which is when the examiners are in the town nearby), they were not there today!

Certainly, we could have gone to Natchez to take the test, but our past experience with the staff there hasn't been that great. We could have gone to McComb, but she didn't want to take the test there where the traffic is much busier than the little town. Besides, we learned later that a strong thunderstorm hit the area, so she wouldn't have been able to do a driving test anyway, most likely.

Hopefully August will again be "her month!" It will be one year ago next month that she received her learner's permit.

A couple weeks ago, for his birthday, Little Bit received a large collection of Legos, from which he can create various kinds of animals. Sometimes his older siblings create with him.

This week we installed a window unit in my bedroom, since it seems to be the warmest room in the house (although I always thought Jen's room was the warmest one). 

I am sure when the next tropical storm/hurricane comes along, and knocks the power out for several days, I will be very thankful to have this unit connected to the generator!
This week has been Tim's week of vacation. Every summer, in July, the place where he works closes for a week, so the owner can have heavy duty maintenance or remodeling done. It's always a bit odd to have Tim around all day, every day, for that week!
Wednesday Tim took Jen and the Botanist Boy to Natchez to see a movie, their first such outing with Tim driving. I spent the afternoon "pacing, in my mind" waiting for them to return to the nest, safe and sound.
That wraps it up for this week, basically. What went on in your week, ordinary, or not-so-ordinary?

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