Monday, July 22, 2013

My Girl's Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, my girl turned TWENTY! It's so hard to believe the past two decades have passed that quickly.

Friday she wasn't feeling too well, so I gave her her presents early: three seasons of Flashpoint. Yes! She squealed when she saw them! She spent the rest of the day watching her new videos.

Yesterday we took Jen out to eat at Sammy's. She had a veggie sandwich, on a croissant. She received a complementary brownie, with ice cream.
Our usual birthday tradition is that the birthday person is able to choose the menu for the day (and gets to choose what videos are watched throughout the day). Since it's the kids' and my tradition, we end up doing this celebration on a week day. Today was her day.

Breakfast she chose blueberry crisp, Morning Star Farm breakfast links, and caffeine free, dairy free cappuccinos.
Lunch consisted of vegetable pot pie, a lovely salad, and punch made from cranberry juice and Sprite 0. My three oldest offspring prepared the food. Delicious!

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