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Christi the Coupon Coach, Couponing Made Simple {Molly Crew Review}

Are you interested in saving money? I think we all are. Many homeschool families, especially, are on a really tight budget, so it's helpful to know how to save money any way possible.

A few weeks ago, the Molly Crew (which is a branch of the Schoolhouse Review Crew) was given the opportunity to review Couponing Made Simple, by Christi the Coupon Coach. I received a PDF version, but you can purchase either a print copy, or Kindle version.

This book gives a step by step plan to follow, as well as shows you Christi the Coupon Coach's organization system, for organizing all those coupons. Her claim is that this is not extreme couponing, but real couponing for real people.

I was interested in taking a look at Christi the Coupon Coach's system, because I am interested in saving money, if possible. I also wanted my daughter (who's 20 now), to read through it, so she could learn about the couponing process herself. I know the day is coming when she'll "leave the nest," and I want her to be as ready as I can help her to be.

Couponing Made Simple (around 130 pages) is an easy and fairly quick read. The ten chapters cover:
  1. Success Stories
  2. A New Way to Shop
  3. The Language of Couponing
  4. Organization System
  5. Step-by-Step Process
  6. Tips and Tools
  7. Couponing Ethics
  8. Networking and Comminicating
  9. Bonus Section
  10. Beyond Couponing
I was thankful for the language of couponing chapter; now I have a bit of a clue about the "lingo." Her organization and step-by-step processes are clear and very easy to follow.

Her bonus section talks about other methods of saving money, which anyone can follow, such as shopping at thrift stores or yard sales, etc. I love thrift stores! I've found some awesome children's books, for 10-25 cents!

I also appreciate that she shares the ethics of couponing; "play" fair. Don't cheat. And those of us who are Christians, this is especially important, so we don't spoil our witness for Christ. In her final chapter, she shares an invitation to get to know Christ, and to follow Him, because Jesus has already paid the price for your salvation.

I'll admit, I'm a skeptic. Newspapers cost a lot of money, especially if you're only going to use a small section of it and the rest goes unread. But then there are online sites where you can go, and print off coupons. Ink for your printer can get expensive.

My husband works for a TV station in a fairly good-sized city; he used to be able to pick up some discarded Sunday papers (if there were still some there when he went to work Monday), but then the owner of his station, who also owned the newspaper, sold the paper. Now there are no extra papers lying around. He also told me they no longer deliver the paper up here into our state. He managed to bring me the coupon sections once during this review period.

I did print off some coupons (and now my color ink is all gone! LOL). Since my young adult children still live at home, I often send them to do the shopping and run errands for me, so I can concentrate on school with the younger two. I know they used coupons on two or three of those trips. They may have even used some of those coupons on things that were also on sale.

Jen and I did make one big shopping run, to one of my favorite grocery stores: Winn Dixie. I was armed with some coupons, and we made several buy one/get one free purchases. And we did end up buying some things we wouldn't normally buy, just because we had the coupon.

As you can see, we saved more with our reward card savings, than with the coupons, but still; we saved around $50.00, total.

I hope Jen will find this system useful to her in the future, if she lives in an area where newspapers are more readily available, etc. If you have any interest in saving money through couponing, you'll want to check in to this book.

Be sure to read my fellow Crew members reviews; I am sure some of them had much better success than we did.

Cost: Print copy, $18.00; Kindle version, $4.99.
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