Thursday, May 9, 2013

Papa's Pearls {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Recently I was given the opportunity to receive Papa’s Pearls: A Father’s Gift of Love and Wisdom To His Children and Grandchildren to review. Diane Flynn Keith wrote this book, which is a compilation of stories and words of wisdom from her father's life.

Perhaps you have heard of Mrs. Keith's other resources: Clickschooling, or Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games and Activities To Turn Travel Time Into Learning Time! She is also a frequent speaker at education conferences throughout the United States.

Carol Joseph Flynn, known as Papa, grew up in the Depression Era in San Francisco. Papa had a pretty rough childhood, and his lifestyle had him on the road to prison. He joined the Civilian Conservation Corps (the CCC). This gave him a great boost in to employment when the Depression was over. It wasn't long before he had his own plumbing business, and passed on the legacy of working hard to his children and grandchildren.

He imparted many pearls of wisdom for how to live a happy, productive and meaningful life. Mrs. Keith shares these nurturing customs, practical advice, and life success principles (learned through the school of hard knocks) that he dispensed to his children and grandchildren, his pearls such as:
“What’s the worst that could happen?”
“Be grateful every day”
“Get it in writing!”
“If you ever need anything – You’ve got it!”
“Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.”
“I love you. You know that, right?”
I ended up reading the book myself, at this time, anyway. Perhaps I'll have my oldest two read it themselves, or maybe we'll read it aloud, all the kids and I.

While I was reading, I often thought of my grandfather, who was a very wise, intelligent man. My own father came to mind, as well. One of Dad's typical sayings has always been: The Lord helps those who help themselves.

What are some "pearls of wisdom" your father or grandfather has shared with you and your children?

Cost: You can purchase your autographed copy for $21.97, which includes postage.

Contact Information:
180 El Camino Real, Suite 10
Millbrae, CA  94020
Phone: 650-365-9425



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  1. Thank you for reviewing "Papa's Pearls," Wendy. Since the book reminded you of the things your father and grandfather said, I thought you might like to know that I'm having a Papa's Pearls Father's Day Contest. Share a memory about your own father or grandfather and be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to Amazon. Get the details here: Thanks, again!


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