Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day, 2013

Yesterday, we took a trip to visit hubby's mother. Just the two younger boys, hubby, and I went. Jen stayed home, to tend the animals, and Tim had to work.

Then we went to downtown Jackson, to get a few pictures of the Capitol.

After that, we stopped by the home of another Five in a Row family. We've known each other, through the Five in a Row forums, for over a decade!

We got home pretty late--like nearly midnight. I must admit, the boys did sleep in this morning; I think everyone did.

My dear daughter worked pretty hard to make my Mother's Day extra special. She and the two younger boys prepared Mommy Money, or coupons. She prepared breakfast, and dinner.

Tim planned to bring home a slice of carrot cake, and potato salad, from work...but they were sold out! So, he gave me the 3 Musketeers bar instead. Ah! Chocolate!

To end my day, I'd like to share a recent picture of my mother, my daughter, and me.

This photo was taken with my phone, the beginning of March.

Happy Mother's Day
to all my mom friends.

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