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Progeny Press {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Our core curriculum for Bible, History, and Geography, has us studying Ancient Egypt right now. One of the suggested books to read is The Golden Goblet. When we were given the opportunity to review one of the literature study guides from Progeny Press, I was excited that The Golden Goblet Study Guide was one of our possible choices!

Progeny Press has over 100 study guides for literature, covering kindergarten, elementary, middle school and high school. Progeny Press study guides concentrate on critical thinking, comprehension, literary analysis, and Christian application. Our goal is to teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on God's scripture for truth and values, and enjoy themselves while they do it! ~from the website
We began reading The Golden Goblet aloud, but Little Bit didn't seem to be following along very well (kind of "over his head"), so I let Botanist Boy finish up on his own. After all, this study guide is recommended for middle school age, anyway.

The suggested method for this study is to read all the way through the book first, then work through the study guide, usually one page per day. The guide begins with a synopsis of the book, a brief bio of the author, then some pre-reading activities.

The pre-reading activities for The Golden Goblet study guide include things like: locate Egypt, and the Nile, on a map; create a timeline of the Pharaohs; watch a video about Ancient Egypt. These are activities we have done, or are working on, already.

The study guide we received can be used either as an interactive PDF (Botanist Boy could type his answers in to it on the computer), or be printed off, so he could write the answers in. He chose the print copy this time. (I was even able to load it on to his Kindle Fire, in which he would have been able to type his answers; still, he chose the print form).

It is also suggested to make a notebook about Ancient Egypt, as you read and work your way through the study guide.

I like the different activities used, for learning vocabulary: matching word to definition; crossword puzzles; or find synonyms or antonyms to the vocabulary words.

They also ask reading comprehension questions (most of those we have been going through orally). We have also been talking about similes, the setting of the story, and foreshadowing (all useful information for Botanist Boy in his book writing process).

Some of the other activities your child will work on are listing the steps in the process of purifying gold, and learning hieroglyphs. Your student will also be looking up Scripture to answer questions. A Bible, a dictionary, and a thesaurus will be necessary tools for these study guides.

We will continue through the study guide, in connection with our study on Ancient Egypt. They complement each other so well.

Progeny Press is not new to us. We had the opportunity to use and review a couple other Study Guides about a year ago, if you care to read that review.

Cost: Study Guide, printed booklet, $18.99; CD or instant download, $16.99. You can also purchase a copy of the book, such as The Golden Goblet through Progeny Press, or through other retail sources.

Contact Information:
Progeny Press
PO Box 100
Fall Creek, WI 54742
Phone: 877-776-4369



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  1. We had a PDF study guide, but my daughter preferred printing the pages off and writing out her answers.


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