Thursday, January 24, 2013

Max, Our Visitor

A couple weeks or so ago, I mentioned the arrival of a visitor: Max, the Minnesota Moose.

Max, hanging out with new friends
The first week and a half or so that he was here, it rained! All that rain prevented us from being able to go on any field trips, to show Max around our area! In fact, the kids couldn't even take Max out to introduce him to the goats, chickens, and rabbits. I began to fear we'd need to get rain gear, and a pirogue, for Max! ;-)

The rain did finally stop, though, and it even warmed up a bit. Finally, we were able to take him outside, to meet our livestock. In fact, that was the day our newest member arrived: Prince Eeyore, our little donkey, a companion and guardian for the goats.

Max, with Zena and Zoe

Max, with Prince Eeyore

Max meets one of the rabbits

Max, between the two chicken pens
We did manage to take him out for a couple field trips, so be sure to check back soon so you can read about them.

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