Monday, January 7, 2013

365 Days of Photos--January 7

Memory Jars

After reading Marcy's post on the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog, I decided we were going to attempt to have memory jars in our family, as well.

Several months ago (maybe as much as a year ago!), my dad gave me some old canning jars that had been my aunt's. I think they are the perfect jars to use for this. Jen, the two younger boys and I each have a jar to use. 

I may also use a larger old canning jar that was my grandmother's: one for the small slips of paper recording the events, the other for the little mementos. I need to prepare the small slips of paper, because I already have a couple things to record! 

Won't you take time throughout 2013 to remember the good things, no matter how small?

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  1. I thought about doing a memory jar this year, but I'm sticking with a special column in my planner to record things I'm thankful for each day. My only hope of keeping up with a memory project is to make it simple and since everything else is in my planner it's hopefully simple enough to be doable. I really love the look of the jars and think your antique canning jars are beautiful.


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