Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 Days of Photos--January 2, 2013/"Wordless" Wednesday

Someone in Australia loves me! ;-)
Even though we've never met, I feel like Susanna and Carrie are like sisters to me. Well, we are; sisters in the family of God. Susanna's daughter has spent the past few weeks in the US, doing some missionary work, and attended a youth conference in Washington this past weekend. So, while she was here, she mailed the package to me to save on shipping costs.

Believe me, the package came just at the right time....when I needed some cheering up, after what we've been through the past few days!  And it arrived before my birthday even (although I know it's really meant to be a Christmas gift! LOL).

Little Bit enjoyed looking through the calendar, at all the Australian wildlife. The boys were kind of "fighting" over the boomerang! And Jen tried to snatch the keychain!

Funny thing, too, is I had just this morning purchased a cheap, inexpensive calendar to hang in the dining room! This one will be much nicer! :D

Thank you, sweet friends!

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  1. Oh's so great to see your pressies there...I am so glad you got them...It was to be a surprise but it sure was hard to keep quiet for 7 weeks from when we bought them to when you finally got them!!! With that calandar you get to remember us every day for a whole year ...hehehehe


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