Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back Over the Year at Rossmont

Well, we've been "dry-docked" for a few weeks, but now we are about ready to "set sail" again. I hope you will join us for our new year with the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

Our first Blog Cruise for the year we will take a moment to look back over 2012.

Here at Rossmont, it's been a year of some pretty big changes and events!

The beginning of the year saw me joining the “half century club.” Enough said.

The children and I made a trip to Florida the beginning of March, to attend a wedding. The bride and groom are friends of Tim’s; the groom was baptized with Tim and Jen. The bride is the older sister of Botanist Boy’s and Little Bit’s best friends, and my dear friend’s daughter. So, we wouldn’t have missed the event for the world! It was also good to spend time with my folks. (Some pictures from that trip are here.)

Our next big event was Jen’s graduation from high school! We participated in the graduation ceremony with our home school group. It was a lovely ceremony, very Christ-centered. My parents traveled here from Florida, and my younger brother and his family traveled here from Texas, to celebrate with us. Then a couple weeks later, Jen traveled with my parents to Texas to attend my niece’s 8th grade graduation.

Little Bit turned 10 the end of June, and Jen turned 19 and Tim 21(!) in July. Yikes!

In July we went for family vacation to Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri (all of us but Tim). It was a lovely location. We visited Mammoth Spring State Park on the way, as well as driving by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in Mansfield, Missouri. We also “stumbled upon” Bakersville Pioneer Village, the location of Baker Creek Seed company.

We also visited Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and John took the kids to several caves in the area. It was nice to relax, and soak in the view of the Lake. (You can see photos from our vacation here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Early in the fall, Jen started a part time job working at a drive up Mexican restaurant in tiny town 9.3 miles away. Her boss seems to really like her, and takes good care of her employees. Jen seems to be enjoying her job.

The only problem is transportation. It hasn’t been until this fall that both Tim and Jen were finally able to get their learner’s permits (due to all the paperwork and “red tape”). So, that means, I take Jen to work, an hour or so later, I take Tim to work, then a couple hours later, I have to go pick up Jen from work! Whew! It’s been making it a challenge to fit school in with the younger two!

In November, my younger brother called to let me know he had a car for Tim, if Tim was interested. Yes! He was!

Since we were all planning to have a family get together in Texas, near where my older brother and his family live, the first week of December, my brother and I made plans to get the car for Tim at that time.

Our week at Silverleaf was lovely! My parents came up from Florida. Hubby drove over with us, to spend a couple days, then drive Tim’s car back home. My brother's wife had some schoolwork to finish up, then came over later in the week.

While we were together, we celebrated Botanist Boy turning 13! We also had a Christmas dinner, to which my older brother and his family came. Oh, how fun it was to meet the youngest member of the clan, my grand niece! What a cutie! She was well loved, and duly doted over.

We spent the week, playing miniature golf and pool at the activity center; working on a 1,000 piece puzzle at the condo, going to the indoor water park, and even just relaxing, and visiting together. Our last day there, we went to Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, a big cat rescue place. Most of the cats were tigers, and Jen was beyond thrilled! This is Jen’s dream job!

A “red letter” day occurred last week (on 12/13/12): Tim finally obtained his driver’s license! Poor guy; he began this process nearly 5 years ago, so I know he is relieved to finally have reached this goal.

We kind of ended the year with a "bang!" Our little town was hit by a tornado on Christmas Day. We praise God no one was seriously injured or killed!

Throughout the year, I have also been kept busy with the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Most of the time it has been very enjoyable; sometimes it has gotten a tad overwhelming.

As we approach the end of 2012, and anticipate the beginning of a new year in which to live for and serve our Lord, I look back over the events in our family’s lives, but I also look at the events of the world around us. One can’t help but realize just how close Jesus’ coming must be! It is my heart’s deep desire that all whom I love and hold dear to my heart, will be ready for that glorious day.

Be sure to read what other Crew members share as they Look Back over 2012. (Link will go live Tuesday, January 1, 2013).

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