Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day Tornado, 2012

The day after Christmas, Hubby and I were up rather early, and so was Little Bit, since he'd gone to bed early the night before...and was the only one who didn't know out tiny town had been hit by a tornado on Christmas Day.

After Hubby and I had showered and dressed, and it was still a little while before he had to head for work, we decided to drive around town, to take photos. I'd hoped to get some before the work crews started working.

We were totally amazed, and awestruck, by what we observed.

The work crew

Tire shop
Head Start
Tire shop
Where Tim works
Behind where Tim works
There used to be a "Welcome to our town" sign here
Later, after Hubby had gone to work, and the kids and I had eaten breakfast, we drove around again, so the kids could see the damage in daylight. We even drove to the neighboring town, where Jen works; no damage there. Then we stopped at the grocery store, to pick up something to prepare for lunch.

When we got back home, as soon as the kids opened the door, they discovered our power was back on! Oh! Praise the Lord! Other parts of town didn't have theirs back on until late afternoon.

And, frankly, I haven't done much (any) driving around town since then....because Tim and Jen have run the errands for me! ;-)

We are certainly praising the Lord that no one was killed, or even injured much. But we did have some heavy rain again today, and some thunder.

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  1. there is just something so wrong about tornadoes and Christmas being in the same sentence. I'm so glad everyone was ok - those pictures are hard for me to look at. I'm starting to wonder if moving back to the NW might be a better idea for me. But there is not anywhere that is safe, this side of heaven, is there?

    1. (((HUGS))) Sharon! I am thankful no one was hurt, either. And, no, I don't think there is anywhere safe this side of heaven. Oh, Lord Jesus, come soon!


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