Sunday, December 16, 2012

Catching up: K, L, M, N {Blogging Through the Alphabet}

Yikes! Have I ever gotten behind in our Blogging Through the Alphabet! I guess you could say that I have been somewhat on a blogging vacation.

With this post, I will try to catch up in the alphabet.

K is for Kindle Fire HD

A week ago, my Botanist Boy became a teenager! For about 6 months, I'd been saving up, and planning to give him a Kindle Fire for his birthday.

When I saw the Kindle Fire HD come out, I switched plans a little: Get myself the HD, and give Botanist Boy my "old" Kindle Fire. Oh, boy! Let me tell you, he was beyond excited when he saw that I'd actually given him a Kindle! I wish I'd been able to capture that expression with my camera!

He has been using the Kindle now, by using the word processing app as a spell checker while writes his story. Oh, yes; he also uses it to play Angry Birds, and whatever other games he has on there! ;-)

I am quite taken with my Kindle Fire HD! I like that any book I want to read now has the text to speech feature, so it's like having hundreds (okay, thousands!) of audio books at my finger tips! I like the speaker system on this thing, too!

Another thing I really like about the Fire HD: It is thin, and light.

Since I am talking about Kindles, I'll say that I gave my basic Kindle to my mom for Christmas (my younger brother split the cost with me, too). She seemed so pleased with it!

L is for License

We had a "red letter" day this past week!

Tim finally obtained his driver's license!!

The poor guy has been trying (off and on) for nearly five years now. All the paperwork and "red tape" has made it such a long, drawn out process!

Yesterday he was able to drive the van (solo!) to work, and drive himself home afterward. He even took a coworker home, one who'd given Tim rides many a time.

Still, it was quite the feeling, seeing the van drive down the driveway this morning, knowing Hubby was sitting in the living room, and I wasn't in that van either!

M is for Mazda

Tim's "new" car!
Since we were planning a family get together in Texas anyway, and my younger brother had recently obtained a used car, which he offered to Tim, Hubby went with us, so he could drive the car back.

Now Tim has to take care of the paperwork, and practice driving a standard! Then he'll have his own set of wheels, and I won't have to take time out from schooling with Botanist Boy and Little Bit to take Tim to work. Maybe Tim will even be able to take Jen to work sometimes for me!

Ah! how nice it will be to free me up a bit!

N is for (Grand) Niece

Isn't she just too stinkin' cute?! I just want to kiss that face, over and over (and I did!).

She's walking all over the place...and she isn't even a year old yet. Her birthday is two days after Christmas.

She did wonderfully, with a crowd of "strangers." It was fun to see my younger two boys interact with her! And you can tell that Great Grandma and Great Grandpa were pretty proud, not to mention Grandma and Grandpa (hard to believe my brother is a grandpa!!).

(More photos of our family Christmas get together coming in future posts!)

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