Thursday, November 15, 2012

2012 Gratitude Challenge--November 15

Today I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. It's been such a blessing the past (roughly) two and a half years. We have been able to try out some wonderful products: some that I had never even heard of; some that I'd wanted to try for years, but just never could finance it.

Today I am thrilled that Little Bit was able to finish one set of books (we received two sets). They are the I See Sam Little Books, from Academic Success for All Learners. You can go read my review. Little Bit struggles with reading, well, with learning in general. So, it is a big deal to me that he finished this set!

What are you grateful for today? Stop by and share on Brenda's blog, and follow along through the month.

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  1. Hi Wendy, I'm already following you. As of tomorrow formerly of the crew.


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