Thursday, October 18, 2012

Diabetes is the pits, part 2

So, here is a bit more of the story:

Jen actually had quite a bit of money saved up from her part time job, so she was able to go to the pharmacy and pick up a vial of Lantus. Praise God, she has enough to last her a little while longer!

The other day, she received a bill from, I assume, the physician, which she never saw at the ER visit.

So now, in spite of the fact that we clearly stated we had no money when we went in there, they have now billed her nearly $550.00, just to write up a prescription!

She only has a part time job, and isn't even paid minimum wage at that! There is no way she can pay that bill, when she can't even afford her insulin!

What I'd like to know is: How do Romney or Obama propose to fix a situation like Jen's? Surely she isn't the only one in this same type of situation!

Finally yesterday, Jen heard back from Medi-$ave. But instead of a package of insulin, all they sent was more paperwork to be filled out! It took them nearly a month to getting around to sending it to her?! Really?! She can't afford another month or more for them to actually get around to sending her the insulin! :p

One thing she did tell me this past weekend: This is making her faith in God stronger, and is causing her to rely on Him more! Yes, my darling girl, sometimes this is how He works to strengthen our faith!

Now, I'm off to write a few letters on her behalf....This may or may not include letters to Senators, Congressmen, President, President-hopeful! ;-) Pin It Now!

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