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BeeYouTiful {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Do you remember a few months back (February, in fact) when I first shared with you about BeeYouTiful? Well, I was excited for the chance to try some more products over the past few weeks!

This time, we received more than just two items to use. In addition to Ow-Ease and the Lip B.A.L.M., (which I told you about last February) we also received Berry Well, and Miracle Skin Salve.

Berry Well is a combination of: 
  • Organic purple elderberries (first used long ago by Native Americans), which provide anthocyanins. The anti-viral powers of these immune system enhancers attack many strains of influenza A and B -- without the side effects or complications of a flu shot.   
  • Raw honey, which sweetens the mixture with more than just good taste; it also delivers a rich supply of live enzymes required to help body systems fight colds and respiratory infections of all kinds
  • Bee propolis and Organic Echinacea root extract -- both considered powerful, natural antibiotics.
  • Raw apple cider vinegar, a folk remedy celebrated for its use against a long list of ailments, and increases your body's alkalinity. (Although today's diets tend to make us more acidic, an alkaline body is safer from cancer and other diseases.) And the potassium in raw vinegar helps cells fight bacteria and viruses.

Because Jen has Type 1 Diabetes, she already has a compromised immune system, so I was pleased with the chance to have this on hand for her, since we are approaching cold and flu season.

I also wanted to try it out for my boys, who have airborne allergies. I think I've used it most frequently with Little Bit, although I've managed to get a few doses down the Botanist Boy as well. They aren't too crazy about the "bite" the apple cider vinegar gives it! ;-)

When ever Jen has complained of a sore throat coming on, I've given her a dose or two (adults, 1 TBSP every three hours as needed; children my boys' ages, 2 tsp every three hours as needed), and it seems to kill it quickly.

One day (the day before our homeschool group's new 4-H group parents' meeting), I began feeling like I was coming down with the flu; you know, that ache-all-over, sore throat, stuffy nose feeling. Now, I'm not really sure if it was an allergic reaction to something I'd eaten that morning (which it may well have been), but I took three or four doses throughout the afternoon and evening. The next day I woke up feeling fine. I also increased my fluid and vitamin C intake. I may have even done a dose of charcoal.

The Miracle Skin Salve is awesome! You can use it for: Cuts and abrasions (cover with a bandage if necessary!); Stubborn splinters (to help them work their way out); Insect bites and stings; Inflamed and swollen injuries or bruises; Painful hemorrhoids; Diaper rash and tender bottoms; Dry, chapped skin; Minor burns; Yeast-related rashes like eczema and psoriasis; Cold sores; Post-staph infection and skin surgery sites (to reduce scarring apply daily for 2 to 3 months).

Miracle Skin Salve contains these powerful ingredients: Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, bee propolis, organic plantain leaf, organic comfrey root, organic calendula flowers, and essential oils of lavender and rosemary.
  • Coconut and extra virgin olive oil promote healing of rashes and abrasions.
  • Beeswax provides a light, protective barrier on your skin to help expedite healing.
  • Plantain has long been used as an astringent, demulcent, and hemostatic, effective for all sorts of insect bites and stings.
  • Organic comfrey root possesses amazing abilities to support healing of cuts and abrasions, as well as being a comforting astringent for treating inflammation and bruising.
  • Propolis can be used topically for skin problems ranging from ordinary abrasions to eczema, acne, skin cancers, bruises, and burns to gum infections and advanced herpes in the mouth.
  • Lavender essential oil is known for its emotionally calming properties, as well as the ability to hasten healing of burns and minor cuts.
  • Rosemary essential oil soothes sore muscles and acts as a strong anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and inflammation of abrasions.
The boys spend a lot of time outside, caring for our pets/livestock, and we live in a climate conducive for lots of incests; so, yes, we end up with lots of insect bites....especially mosquito! So we have given Miracle a real work out on those bites! I had a couple bites on my chest (probably spider), and started putting the Miracle salve on them. They healed very quickly; I was pleased!

I have a spot on my right wrist that seems to be dry and irritated. I've been applying the salve there, and it is much smoother. Also skin of the Achilles tendon area on my left foot is very dry and scaly, so I've been applying the salve there. It's much improved.

When one of our goats developed a couple sores on her teet, we even applied some of the salve on her (after we'd milked her for the day). They healed quickly! I'm really "sold" on this stuff! 

Hubby hasn't used it, because he is allergic to lavender. Now we aren't sure if his allergy is just to the fragrance of lavender, or if he'd also be allergic to the essential oil as well. Another word of caution: if you have bee allergies of any kind, you will not want to use this, since it does contain honey and bee propolis.

I was so thankful to receive another tube of the Ow-Ease! We use that a lot for the sore muscles we have around here.

The other day, Botanist Boy was chopping wood. He came in, complaining of how sore is arms were. I applied Ow-Ease lavishly over his upper arms and shoulders.

Occasionally Tim comes home from work, especially if he has had to do some heavy lifting, unloading a supply truck or something, with sore muscles. He is thankful for me to apply some on those achy muscles.

And I'm always applying this stuff on Little Bit's bruises!

It's wonderful on sore neck and back muscles, too. Often, I have sore muscles in my legs, so use Ow-Ease frequently on them. It seems I tend to use this even more than any of the kids!

Last time we received the orange Lip B.A.L.M. This time it was the peppermint! Now I have one for my purse, and one for my "medicine drawer"! I really can't say which flavor I prefer!

I know one time, Jen got a Fire Ant bite while we were out and about, and I told her to try applying some of the lip balm on it. It seemed to soothe the sting.

We've tried these products in the usual, suggested manner, as well as experimenting in some not-so-usual manners!

I was happy to receive the DVD this time. It tells briefly about some of the products, as well as some of their uses. Stephanie Tallent shares how she uses some of the most popular Beeyoutiful products in her home with her husband Steve and daughter Noelle.

There are also segments about using activated charcoal, and making charcoal poultices, as well as garlic poultices.

You'll also find segments about how to have a healthy pregnancy. I'll admit, I didn't watch those. ;-) 

After watching the video, I've been wishing I could get some of the Berry Well to my mom, who has asthma, and seems to frequently have respiratory/bronchial problems, to see how it might benefit her. I've also been wishing she'd had some of the Miracle salve on hand after she had hand surgery a couple years ago (or whenever it was). I wonder if she'd mind these things as a Christmas gift? ;-)

If you also have a desire to use, as much as possible, products that are natural, organic, you will want to be sure to check out the rest of the BeeYouTiful collection. I know I still have a few yet on my wishlist to try!

Berry Well--$19.75
Miracle 2 oz--$15.00
Lip Balm--$3.00
Beeyoutiful Views DVD--$3.00

Contact Information:
Phone: 877-6BEEYOU (877-623-3968)

Please be sure to check out what the rest of the Crew has to say about the BeeYouTiful products.


Disclaimer: As a Schoolhouse Review Crew blogger, I am provided a free copy of the book, curriculum or product to test and use in order to write an honest review. I receive no other compensation and the opinions I share are my own and not influenced by the company in question. 
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