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Keyboarding for the Christian School {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

In this age of technology and computers, it grows more important for our children to learn proper keyboarding skills, even at a young age. Here is a wonderful, Christian-based course to assist homeschooled and private schooled children in learning these skills...with a Christian emphasis.

Keyboarding for the Christian School is a typing program designed for private school and homeschool students in middle and high school, in ebook format.

While author, Leanne Beitel, was teaching in the private school arena, she noticed a need for Christian material for the computer courses since the only courses available were Glencoe, Century 21, and Mavis Beacon software.  Through a diligent search, she found there was no suitable curriculum which demonstrated proper touch-typing methods, offered MLA and APA report formatting, and had Biblical-based references and material for students to copy.  Thus, Christian Keyboarding was formed, combining the elements needed to satisfy state education requirements and Biblical references for the private school requirements.

Drawing from fourteen years of experience, Leanne guides teens in touch typing and basic word processing skills specifically for Christian schools and/or home schools.
Keyboarding for the Christian School gives clear directions and brief assignments with the following advantages:

  • Biblical references for each unit
  • Gives screen shot examples from Microsoft Word XP
  • Compares APA and MLA report styles
  • Uses inspiring sample texts
  • Includes timings and grading chart
  • Utilizes commonly-used proofreader’s marks
  • Text copy is formatted in 12 point Times New Roman font for readability

Check out the Table of Contents here.

I loaded the PDF on to my Kindle Fire, so Botanist Boy can work from that. You could have it printed and bound, or print a page at a time for your child to work on as he/she goes.

The first several lessons are learning the alphabet locations on the keyboard, the symbol keys, and the number pad. Then instruction is given centering, enumerated list making, tab key, proper layout for MLA and APA reports, creating cover pages, proper business letter format, and even proofreading exercises. There are some timed tests, as well.

So far, Botanist Boy seems to be enjoying (or at least tolerating) the exercises fairly well. I think I may have my daughter go through the course, too, even though she has already "graduated" from our home school, because I think it would be good for her to learn these skills.

I'm also seriously considering the elementary version for Little Bit to go work through. He seems to like computer work the most of all my children.

Keyboarding for the Christian School (grade 6 and up), $15.95
Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Version (grades K-5), $12.95
Keyboarding for the Christian School, Elementary Version, Large Print, (grades K-5), $12.95
Additional products and pricing can be found here.

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Contact Information:
Christian Keyboarding
P. O. Box 34183
Fort Worth, TX 76162
Phone: 800-559-2154

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